Sify Ventures

We believe that innovation is a result of inspired minds and ambitious collaborators.

We’re a venture capital fund that partners with groundbreaking technology companies to help them build the future.

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Core Offerings

Sify Ventures provides the unique value proposition of capital, strategic insight, technical innovation, and access to international markets.


Connecting entrepreneurs with the capital and resources they need to deliver the next generation of groundbreaking technologies.


Designing, building, launching, and marketing digital products that our customers own to deliver a long-term business value and a competitive advantage.

Go-To Market

Providing entrepreneurs access to the booming Indian market, as well as connections through our offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Dubai.

Investing In Innovation.

We are the US-based, corporate venture capital arm of Sify Technologies, and are a great partner for any tech firm trying to get a product to market; develop their products; or gain unparalleled access into India and the southeast Asian market.

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Portfolio Spotlight

Sify Ventures bets on paradigm-shifting companies addressing global opportunities.