We are more than a capital provider. We are a partner in creating new possibilities.

Sify Ventures is the US-based, corporate venture capital arm of Sify Technologies. We invest in pre-seed and seed-stage technology companies, and are a great partner for any founder or team trying to get a product to market. Through our parent company, Sify Technologies, we help clients economically and strategically develop products at any stage. Beyond our capital investment and development capabilities, we also provide startups unparalleled access into India and the southeast Asian market.

Opportunity Seekers

We invest in companies that will also be clients for our development work and/or companies that we can take to market using our extensive sales teams in India.

Product Agnostic

We have invested in technology companies spanning digital advertising + marketing, social networking, remote collaboration tools, real estate, and cloud infrastructure.

Global Access

We have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai, and India. Our clientele and partners span vertical markets, governments, and leading enterprise application and cloud providers.

Proven Partners

We are transparent and collaborative, laying the foundation for a constructive partnership with clear mutual expectations and benefits.

High Engagement

We are a highly engaged resource with a significant involvement in our investments and follow a “get it done” attitude.

Unique Value

Traditional funds offer meaningful value but adding more of the same is not as good as diversifying. Our value proposition is unique.

We offer a unique combination of capital, strategic insight, technical innovation, and access to the Indian market

We're building what's next, together.

About Our Parent Company

Founded in 1998, Sify Technologies was India’s first internet service provider. Today, it has expanded to become a leading technology consultancy, digital product developer, and network and cloud-service provider. For more than 20 years Sify has worked with 10,000+ companies to leverage its technology and digital expertise bringing products to market.

Diverse Capabilities

Managed services, cloud services, colocation services, and application services on a network with 45 data centers across India, the largest Indian MPLS network.

Global Partnerships

with Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and other technology leaders and innovators enhance the value and versatility of our offerings.

Industry Expertise

With a significant footprint in many sectors,Sify Technologies extends our expertise in financial services, banking, insurance, government, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Network Presence

With presence around the world, Sify Technologies provides services and offerings throughout in Singapore, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.